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    Wholesale Duct, Electrical and Masking Tape
    You can never have too much tape which is why DollarDays offers wholesale duct, electrical and masking tape in a variety of colors, widths and styles... . Make quick repairs around the house, keep a roll of tape at work or even stock the supply closet in an art room. There’s nothing that can’t be temporarily fixed or enhanced with a little bit of tape, so stock up on all of your most-used types today.

    Make Quick Repairs
    Duct tape and electrical tape are the perfect choices for when you need to make quick repairs. Whether you’re closing up a hole in siding following a storm or putting tape over exposed ends of a wire, DollarDays has the high-quality and reliable adhesive tapes you need to get the job done. Duct tape is loved for its durability and strong hold. It’s perfect for general-purpose repairs around the house, but is also used in commercial applications as well. Duct tape is traditionally silver, but colored duct tape is also available.

    Electrical tape is designed to withstand heat generated by electrical currents. It’s non-conductive and semi-stretchy so it’s perfect for wrapping around wire ends, cables and cords. Make quick repairs or make sure your wires are totally terminated with high-quality electrical tape from DollarDays.

    Clean Lines and Art Projects
    When it comes to crafting, duct tape and masking tape can’t be beat. Masking tape is great for making clean lines when you’re doing art projects or are painting a wall. Use tape to make a straight line along the ceiling or for creating designs on walls. Blue masking tape is designed specifically for painting, but beige masking tape can be used for making lines during other types of art projects.

    Get extra crafty with colored or printed duct tape. Duct tape art is all the rage and with a case of assorted colors, there’s always enough tape to go around. Order a case for a school art project or for a budding duct tape artist. Can’t choose being neons and patterns? Why not have them both when you order a case of wholesale pattern and neon duct tape.

    Visit DollarDays to order duct, masking and electrical tape in wholesale quantities. Get the best price on premium adhesive tapes and enjoy fast shipping on all of our in-stock selections.
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    Duct Tape - 1.​89" x 10 yards

    SKU #1064609 | 24 /case


    • Cheetah
    Duct Tape - 1.​89" x 60 Yards

    SKU #365849 | 24 /case



    Duct Tape

    SKU #678429 | 72 /case




    Masking Tape - 0.​94" x 60 yards

    SKU #288866 | 36 /case