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Wholesale Paper Clips
Keep it all together with wholesale paper clips from DollarDays... . As one fo the most versatile office products on the market, paper clips can be used to temporarily fasten documents together, to pin notes to folders, to mark pages in books and even to open SIM card slots on cell phones. There’s nothing a good paperclip can’t tackle and at DollarDays we make it easy to order paper clips in bulk for your school, organization, nonprofit or small business.

Traditional Paper Clips
Nothing beats a good old fashioned paper clip when it comes to holding pages together temporarily. From basic metal paper clips to colorful paper clips in a rainbow assortment, DollarDays has all of the paper clip styles you love and in a full range of sizes for all of your document holding needs. Shop for mini paper clips or giant colored paper clips all in one location. Our traditional paper clips are easy to use and they take up virtually no space on a standard desk. Take advantage of our small case sizes to order paper clips in bulk for your small business or nonprofit.

Binder Clips
For thicker stacks of paper that are too big for a standard paper clip, a binder clip may be a better choice. Binder clips are designed to open wide to accommodate small stacks of paper and because they come in a variety of sizes, it’s easy to find a binder clip that fits any need. Binder clips are also great for marking pages in planners or workbooks and like traditional paper clips, binder clips come in basic black or colored varieties.

Get organized with paper clips from DollarDays. Our selection of wholesale paper clips are available in small case sizes so small businesses, nonprofits, schools and other organizations can take advantage of bulk ordering without having to commit to huge quantities. Browse our selection today to find the bulk paper clips you need at prices that won’t blow the budget.
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