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In the world today, emphasis on creating a positive impact has never been more critical... . DollarDays stands at the forefront of this movement, deeply committed to making a significant difference in people's lives. This commitment is particularly evident in their support for non-profits, charities, religious organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses. By offering a wide range of products, including wholesale bedding, bulk bedding, and wholesale bath & décor, DollarDays is not just a supplier but a partner in philanthropy and business success.

Tailored Customer Service: The Heart of DollarDays
At the core of DollarDays' philosophy is a bespoke approach to customer service. Understanding that each organization has unique needs, DollarDays prides itself on working closely with you to ensure those needs are not just met but exceeded. Whether it's helping a non-profit find a cost effective pack of blankets for their next outreach or assisting a small business in selecting cheap bedding options, DollarDays' team is dedicated to providing personalized support. This level of service ensures that every organization, regardless of its size, has access to a variety of products at competitive prices.

Strong Merchandising & Operations: Ensuring Reliability and Affordability
DollarDays leverages its robust merchandising & operations team to offer a wide assortment of products at wholesale prices. This efficiency is crucial for non-profits and small businesses operating on tight budgets. Our ability to source and distribute products like wholesale bedding and bath & décor items at low costs and get them to you in a timely manner is just part of our commitment to you. This not only supports DollarDays’ mission of making a difference in people’s lives but also ensures that you can extend your reach and impact within your own communities.

Bedding, Bath, & Décor: Supporting Outreach and Retail
DollarDays' selection of bedding, bath, and home decor is curated to meet the diverse needs of you and your clientele. For non-profits and charities, bulk bedding options like fleece blankets offer a way to provide warmth and comfort to those in need. These blankets have become a staple in outreach programs across the country. Retailers and gift shops, on the other hand, find value in DollarDays' assortment of home decor items. By providing a range of products from cheap bedding to unique bath & décor, DollarDays ensures that every organization can find exactly what they need to help their community.

Making a Difference, One Product at a Time
DollarDays is more than just a wholesale distributor; it is a catalyst for positive change. Through our comprehensive selection of products, tailored customer service, and efficient supply chain management, we empower non-profits, charities, religious organizations, and businesses to achieve their goals. Whether it's by offering a pack of blankets to a shelter or supplying a small boutique with unique home decor items, DollarDays is committed to making a difference in the community.

DollarDays is not just a supplier of wholesale bedding, bulk bedding, wholesale bath & décor, or cheap bedding options; It is a partner to those looking to make a difference in the world. With a focus on tailored customer service and strong supply chain management, DollarDays ensures that every organization, regardless of its size or mission, has the support it needs to thrive. By aligning its business operations with its commitment to social impact, DollarDays is a shining example of how companies can contribute to the greater good while achieving business success.
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Wolf Classic Fleece Blankets - Twin

SKU #2339686 | 12 /case


  • Grey


Bath Towels - White,​ 24" x 48"

SKU #2267719 | 96 /case


Shower Liner - 70" x 72"

SKU #2329897 | 50 /case


  • Almond
  • Blue
  • Clear



As low as $4.04/unit


Fabric Shower Curtain - 70.​9" x 70"

SKU #2329891 | 24 /case


White Bath Towel 24" x 50"

SKU #2267720 | 60 /case


Double Brushed 6 Piece Sheet Set

SKU #1941557 | 8 /case


  • Black
  • Blush
  • Burgundy
  • Chocolate
  • Clay
Luxury Full Sheet Sets - 4 Piece

SKU #2367405 | 24 /case