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    Achieve smoother, softer skin with the help of these bulk lotions and body moisturizers from DollarDays... . We offer incredibly affordable wholesale prices on these body care products, making them perfect for distribution or donations. Each of these products offers an easy way to help nourish skin and address dry patches. If you’re looking for the best body lotion for women, men or kids and you need to work with a limited budget, we’re here to help. Start shopping now to find dozens of exceptional options when it comes to cheap body lotions and moisturizers.

    Personal Care Items to Donate
    One of the best uses for our bulk lotions and moisturizers is to help people in need. In fact, many nonprofits turn to our site to get large quantities of lotion to distribute to the populations they serve. These items can also be used for individual donations, whether it’s putting together care packages for a women’s shelter or giving useful items to hospitals and clinics. Lotion is especially important during times of the year when the weather is cold and dry, which is why many schools and businesses use our products to keep lotion readily available during the winter months. With lotion dispensers in classrooms, offices and stores, it’s easier for everyone to maintain healthier skin.

    How to Choose the Best Lotion
    Not sure which lotion is right for you? Our search options make it easy to get the perfect fit for your needs. You can search by brand if there is a particular type of lotion you love, such as Nivea, Olay, Aveeno, Burt’s Bees, Lubriderm or Palmer’s. Scented lotions are great for the uplifting aroma, while healing lotions include special ingredients to address skin issues. Choose from full-size bottles or travel-size hand creams and moisturizers based on your need. And of course, you can always order from DollarDays according to how many units you need. With our variety of case pack sizes, you can place a bulk order with a dozen or so bottles of lotion included or stock up on hundreds of moisturizer products at a time.
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    As low as $1.45/unit



    Burt's Bees Hand Salve

    SKU #2315290 | 36 /case



    As low as $1.17/unit

    Skin Lotion Packets

    SKU #915576 | 144 /case


    Hypoallergenic Baby Lotion - 12 oz

    SKU #2367781 | 24 /case


    Eucerin Lotion Tubes - 1 oz

    SKU #1865440 | 144 /case

    As low as $1.52/unit