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    Shop at DollarDays to find the best deals on wholesale flashlights online... . With so many sizes and styles from which to choose, you’ll be prepared for any activity or emergency with these handheld lights on hand. Our collection includes bulk flashlights of all colors, shapes and sizes, including mini flashlights, LED flashlights and lantern lights, to name a few. With dozens of products from which to choose, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for the application you have in mind. Shop now to shine a light on the best discount flashlight prices.

    Brighter Days Ahead
    There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the dark without a light. While today’s phones often have a flashlight built in, those lights can quickly drain your battery, which is especially dangerous if you’re in an emergency situation. It’s best to always have a spare light on hand, which is why we offer such a diverse selection of wholesale flashlights at DollarDays. Stash these flashlights in your home, office, garage, car, purse, suitcase and anywhere else you might need an extra light in a pinch. With handy features like ultra-bright LED lights, built-in wrist straps or a collapsible design, these adult and kids’ flashlights give you the extra illumination you need to stay safe in any situation or get the job done in a dark space.

    Flashlights for a Good Cause
    Buying bulk flashlights is a great way to give back to important charitable causes. Non-profits often need to collect these devices to help out with local or national relief efforts, like when providing aid after a natural disaster. They can also be distributed in shelters or other community centers to ensure safety and comfort for those in need of special services. Besides charitable donations, these flashlights can also be helpful when distributing at camps or outdoor retreats. They can be used as customer giveaways or even stocked on business shelves. To find the best selection of affordable flashlights in bulk, make sure you shop online at DollarDays.
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    LED Head Light/​Lamp

    SKU #1795036 | 48 /case


    COB LED Promo Flashlight

    SKU #2125464 | 160 /case


    Promo Cob LED Flashlight

    SKU #2279439 | 160 /case


    Tactical Flashlights - 10 Watt

    SKU #2324966 | 96 /case


    Camo - COB LED Flashlight

    SKU #1980927 | 120 /case


    9 Led Promo Flashlights - 15 Pieces

    SKU #2182247 | 120 /case



    Hand-Held Cob Led Work light

    SKU #2279433 | 64 /case


    Cob LED Tactical Flashlight

    SKU #2291807 | 120 /case


    As low as $3.62/unit

    COB LED Flashlight

    SKU #1980926 | 120 /case



    Camo 3Watt Cob Flashlight With Laser

    SKU #2182256 | 120 /case