Personal Care

Our selection of wholesale personal care items includes a variety of bath and body products like soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and more that people rely on daily. You can also find bulk hygiene kits that come conveniently pre-packaged with a variety of hygiene products, so you can start handing them out to those in need in your communities quicker.

It is our goal to provide your nonprofit, charity, church, school, or retail store with an extensive offering of wholesale personal care products at bargain prices so you can find the right products to meet your needs and goals. Our amazing customer support team can even help you find the perfect products if you are not sure. You won't find a wider selection of these bulk hygiene and personal care essentials anywhere else, so start looking for the toiletries your organization needs at DollarDays today.

Why give wholesale personal care products? Many of these personal care products are items we might take for granted every day, but many struggle to afford them. One-third of low-income families in America struggle to afford non-food essentials like personal care products, and individuals without a home have much more limited access to them. The gift of something as simple as a hygiene kit can truly be life-changing for those in need. Our wholesale personal care products can drastically improve their quality of life and provide basic human care and dignity.

For Nonprofits At DollarDays, we know that many nonprofit organizations and churches depend on donations to fund their efforts. This is why we take pride in offering affordable, high-quality wholesale personal care products and bulk hygiene kits to help you achieve your mission and give basic human dignity to those in need.

For Businesses DollarDays is the go-to source for discount bath and body products and other essentials that small businesses and retailers need. You might not have significant spending power, but you can still obtain the same value when you buy in bulk from us.