Bulk Clipboards (16 items)

Shop bulk clipboards in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors, to find the perfect fit for your needs... . Our affordable prices make it easy to get multiple clipboards at a fraction of the retail cost. Nonprofits, charities, educators and small businesses alike order these clipboards in bulk to make sure they’re always prepared and organized. Browse through dozens of options online when you shop for these wholesale school and office supplies at DollarDays.

All Types of Affordable Clipboards
Bulk supplies from other wholesale retailers can sometimes be a bit drab or plain. Fortunately, that’s not the case when you shop for bulk office supplies at DollarDays. This collection includes hardboard clipboards made of acrylic, metal, plastic and wood. You can get heavy-duty clipboards with metal clips, or acrylic clipboards, which are typically the most colorful clipboards. Plastic clipboards are sturdy and work great for home offices. Foldable clipboards include a cover to close over paper. Storage clipboards feature a built-in case to hold papers and writing utensils. With so many options, it’s easy to find a size, style and color that’s a perfect match for your needs.

Wholesale Clipboard Pricing for Donations
It’s time to stop searching at office supply stores to get essentials for your organization. We offer wholesale prices without the large order minimums and pricy memberships required by many other wholesale and bulk retailers. That means you can buy smaller multi-pack clipboards and still get the benefits of discount prices. This works out well for nonprofits and charities who need clipboards for donations or for organizing events. Educators can also get more clipboards for classrooms at a lower rate, and small businesses can restock their inventory without going over budget. Make DollarDays your go-to resource for all your bulk and wholesale office supply needs.
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