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Make Perfect Circles with Bulk Drafting Compasses
Equip your students and employees with the very best drafting compasses from DollarDays... . Also called pencil compasses, these technical drawing instruments are specifically designed to help you create perfect circles and arcs, making them useful in engineering, geometry, trigonometry, drafting, navigation and a slew of other fields of study. They are often paired with protractors, which are also commonly used in mathematics and engineering applications. Whether you need bulk compasses for your nonprofit, charity, school or business, DollarDays has the affordable solution for you.

There are a few different kinds of drafting compasses that you will want to consider before stocking up. Ball bearing compasses have ball-bearing components that simplify adjustments and ensure a smooth drafting experience. Many of them come with a pencil and inch and centimeter guides for accurate measuring as you go. For introducing kids to drafting and geometry concepts, we recommend investing in safety compasses that feature a shortened point and come in a rainbow of fun colors. All of these devices are well-made and designed for long-lasting use, so they will stay in the game year after year.

Name Brand School Supplies for Less
Shop beloved brands like Charles Leonard, Inc., Bazic, Promarx and others without the high cost. At DollarDays, we’re all about helping you simplify your school supply order and make the most out of every single dollar. For the best value, consider investing in sets that contain both protractors and compasses so your students and employees have a variety of available tools at their disposal. DollarDays is always expanding our great selection of reliable, name brand and generic school supplies, so be sure to check back often and see what’s new.
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