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Wholesale Shaving Cream
Get a smoother, closer shave with shaving cream from DollarDays... . Our selection of wholesale shaving cream for men and women helps create the perfect environment for a razor to glide across skin without dragging, scratching or scraping. Find scented shaving creams, foaming shaving creams, moisturizing shaving creams and more, all in one convenient location. Order in bulk for the best buys. We even carry aftershave, hair removal creams and other skin-smoothing essentials in bulk quantities.

Shaving Cream
For a close, comfortable shave, nothing beats a good shaving cream. Gillette shaving cream is one of the most popular brands on the market and with specialized formulas for virtually every skin type, it’s easy to see why Gillette continues to be one of the favorite brands. For a basic shaving cream option at an affordable price, pick up a case of Barbasol shaving cream, which works up into a thick foam.

Find shaving cream for men and shaving cream for women at DollarDays and order by the case for the best possible prices. From ladies shaving lotions to men’s shaving creams to specialty shaving creams and beyond, it’s easy to stock your store shelves or your nonprofit’s pantry with high-quality shaving cream while sticking to a budget. We even carry travel size shaving cream for adding to toiletry kits or for taking on an airplane.

Shaving Accessories
In addition to shaving creams, DollarDays also carries other shaving accessories like aftershave and hair removal creams. Keep unwanted hair away and treat skin right with a nice selection of shaving accessories. Our shaving products are sold by the case and with low case counts available, even small retailers can afford to keep a supply of shaving accessories on hand.

Shop at DollarDays for the wholesale shaving creams and shaving supplies you need for less. Buy shaving creams, shaving lotions and other essentials in bulk and save. In addition to a huge selection, we also offer outstanding customer service and fast shipping for the best wholesale buying experience possible.
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Shaving Cream - 7 oz

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After Shave Lotion - 2.​5 oz

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Shave Gel Tubes - 3 oz,​ Clear

SKU #676213 | 144 /case


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After Shave - Sport Scent,​ 8 oz

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After Shave - Aqua Blue,​ 5 oz

SKU #2321199 | 48 /case