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Wholesale Fashion Pocket Folders
Infuse a bit of fun and personality into your office or school supply closet with the help of these fashion pocket folders from DollarDays... . This is where you’ll find all of our fun, cute and unique school folders featuring an enormous array of trendy motifs and fun graphics. Ideal for use by nonprofits, charities, schools and small businesses — especially those that cater to school-aged children and high school students — these fun bulk folders will surely command attention. With a wide range of patterns, prints and themes, there’s a selection for almost any age group and personality in this variety from DollarDays. Explore designs showcasing your favorite animals, pets, sports, planets, books, foods and so much more with these folders. We’ve even got character folders honoring some of the most popular and iconic superheroes, cartoon characters and book characters that students and grown-ups alike adore. For sports fans, you’ll even find official NBA folders in honor of the best teams in the league. Whether you’re looking to load up on adorable cat folders for your animal welfare nonprofit or eye-catching patterned folders to appeal to all ages in your school, you’ll find amazing options in this selection.

High-Quality Bulk Folders with Fun Designs
Although these folders are fashion-forward, they don’t compromise practicality or quality. Find wholesale folders with prongs, deep interior pockets and pre-punched binder holes to suit your specific needs. Prefer solid-colored folders? We’ve got those too! DollarDays is happy to supply nonprofit groups, charity organizations, schools and offices with high-quality but affordable wholesale folders and portfoliosto help keep their operations organized. Be sure to keep your supplies well-stocked so your volunteers, students and employees have the fundamental supplies they need to succeed.
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2 Pocket Folder - 6 Designs

SKU #2324561 | 48 /case


2 Pocket Folders - 3 Fashion Covers

SKU #2371519 | 40 /case


Glossy 2 Pocket Folder - Bugs

SKU #2329919 | 48 /case



Promarx 2 Pocket Folder - Reptiles

SKU #2324557 | 48 /case


2 Pocket Folders - 3 Animal Prints

SKU #1988880 | 50 /case