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    Brave the elements with the help of this wholesale survival equipment from DollarDays... . This selection of survivalist supplies will provide the support you need when enjoying all kinds of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re an avid hiker, you love to take your family camping or you simply like to go wherever the wind takes you, having some quality survival gear with you will keep you safe so you can fully enjoy the experience. Start shopping now to find survival equipment wholesale prices at DollarDays.

    Stay Safe on Your Next Adventure
    When it comes to going on outdoor excursions, it’s wise to always be prepared for the unexpected. If an emergency should arise, you want to know you have high-quality equipment and supplies at the ready. As a result, it’s best to avoid poorly made, cheap survival gear that might not provide the support you need in a crisis. Instead, opt for reliable and durable survival equipment from this collection at DollarDays. With our wholesale prices, you don’t have to go over budget when getting the supplies you need. Plus, you may even find some products you didn’t know you should have, whether it’s a survival wrap, a water purifier or a Firestarter set. Browse the full collection to discover all kinds of high-quality survival equipment online.

    Save on Survival Supplies by Buying in Bulk
    A great way to get the best deal on survival equipment is to place a bulk order. At DollarDays, we offer our products in a variety of case pack sizes so you only have to buy what you need in order to score discounted prices on outdoor gear. As an added bonus, many of these products can be distributed to help others. They can be donated to homeless shelters or distributed by groups dispatched to assist after natural disasters and other local emergencies. Schools, hospitals and other organizations may also want to keep these supplies on hand in case of an unexpected crisis. Consider donating some of these affordable bulk survival kit items from DollarDays to a worthy cause.
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    Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool

    SKU #2304624 | 36 /case


    Emergency Tube Tents - Orange

    SKU #2359184 | 50 /case



    Clear Emergency Ponchos

    SKU #670440 | 200 /case



    Two-Person Emergency Shelters

    SKU #2346224 | 24 /case