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Wholesale Rubber Bands
Rubber bands are some of the most versatile office supplies out there... . They can be used to bundle, to tie, to secure or to package papers, boxes, cords and other objects. Used in virtually every industry, rubber bands are an affordable solution to a lot of work and life challenges. Fortunately, rubber bands are also fairly inexpensive and at DollarDays they’re even cheaper thanks to our bulk rubber band buys.

Bulk Rubber Bands
Buying rubber bands by the case is the easiest way to save on the office supplies you need and love. At DollarDays, we carry small cases of rubber bands so schools, nonprofits, small businesses and community organizations can leverage bulk buying power while still only ordering reasonable quantities of the things they need. We carry bulk rubber bands in traditional or colored varieties, but for the best value, a natural colored rubber band is the way to go.

When ordering rubber bands, don’t forget to think about the overall width. Wider rubber bands are stronger than thinner rubber bands, but also tend to be smaller. Both wide and thin rubber bands are available in natural or color varieties and in bulk quantities. Not sure which size you need? Choose a rubber band assortment and get a nice mixture of rubber bands in all sizes and widths.

Colored Rubber Bands
Add a little color to your day with colored rubber bands from DollarDays. Use red, yellow and blue rubber bands to color code cords or paper bundles in the office or use colored rubber bands for art projects, school activities and more. Our rubber bands are colorfast so you won’t have to worry about getting dye on hands or clothing.

Shop at DollarDays for the best selection of bulk rubber bands on the market. No matter what rubber band sizes you’re looking for or how many rubber bands you need, you’ll find the best prices and fast shipping when you shop with us. Order natural or colored rubber bands and take advantage of our fast shipping options.
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Rubber Bands - #64,​ 1 Pound Box

SKU #509181 | 10 /case


Rubber Bands - 4 oz,​ Latex Free

SKU #2329664 | 48 /case